Tuesday, September 20, 2022

 Play-by-Post Zombie Exodus

This is an experience in which you will create a character and interact with the game master (Jim Dattilo), other players, and the Zombie Exodus world to survive as long as you can. This is a collaborative writing experience played out through posts on a special Discord channel for a select group of my readers.

You will build your character based on a standard number of Attributes and Skill points using Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven. After creating your character, you will be transported into the Zombie Exodus world. You will write posts from your player's experience, and Jim will post what happens to your character, reveal developments in the storyline, introduce you to nonplayer characters, and allow you to interact with other player characters.

You will post your character's actions several times a week, possibly even daily. The game master or other characters will respond over the course of that day/week. It will be played whenever players have time. The gamemaster will reply within 24 hours to posts. People can play casually at their own pace

Why are you charging to join?

For several reasons:

  1. This would be a popular game if it would be open to the public. I need a way to restrict it to a max of 6 players.
  2. This game will take up a considerable amount of my time and effort, and I will interact with players daily.


  • The game will be run on Discord. All posts are through text.
  • All characters will be built using a brand-new character with standard Attribute and Skill points, 2 hobbies, and up to 3 Challenges. The dependent and pet owner challenges are not allowed.
  • Keep the game's tone, themes, and tenants in mind. 
  • Skill points will be awarded once per actual month. Bonus points may be granted at any time.
  • If you have a problem with another player, try to work it out individually as adults. Let me know if you need me to be a neutral third party.
  • Player vs. Player (PvP) is not allowed.
  • This will be a group-oriented campaign. Sometimes, you will be allowed to split off from the group, but these will be rare. These will not be solo games.
  • This game will be all-inclusive and friendly to any race, gender, and orientation. The use of harmful language will not be tolerated. If you violate this rule, you will be removed from the game.

For more information on play-by-post role-playing games, visit Wikipedia.

To join the Zombie Exodus play-by-post, visit Patreon.