Thursday, June 4, 2020

Game Statuses

Here are the statuses of my current games in development. These are not official but estimates:
  • Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 3 (Hosted Games), April, 2022
  • Vampire:the Masquerade - Out for Blood, July 29, 2021
For details on each project, see below.

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 3

I am up to 560,000 words for Part 3. Supporters on my Patreon are testing an alpha release. As the group departs the camp on the hill with Eli, they head to his Junkyard, at which point the story unfolds.

The tentative release month for Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 3 is April, 2022. There are two main reasons why the date has been pushed back again.

First, it took me much longer than I ever expected to write Part 3. Many readers complained that Part 2 was too short, so I added content which took away from writing Part 3. I also worked on VTM - Out for Blood, which divided some of my time. Since I work a regular full-time job, I only have so much additional time to spend working on these games. Now that I am done with the first release of Out for Blood, I plan to devote more of my time to Safe Haven.

Secondly, there is a long waiting line to have your game published. At the moment, Hosted Games has an 8-9 month delay between submission and release. They have so many games in their queue that this is the fastest they can produce a new release.

Since I started writing for HG, there were few games in production. Nowadays with the success of my series and the influx of new writers, Hosted Games is incredibly popular. They also make it fairly easy for new writers to publish through them, which is a good thing. It just means series like ZE:SH get stuck in a very deep queue.

Spoilers Below

Arriving at the Junkyard, your group finds a well-protected area with space for everyone, resources for crafting, and access to places to explore and scavenge. Chapter 8 will be a lot of exploration, from surrounding areas, warehouses, a close-by settlement, and of course, the Junkyard itself. I promise to give ample time to players for all of this searching and scavenging while still being able to craft, work on relationships, manage the group, and other activities common in open-world scenes.

A lot of talk in forums and my social media relates to the Silverthorne Militia. Many players believe the Silverthornes will be the main antagonists to the MC’s group. This is not entirely true. The Silverthornes may very well be antagonistic to the main group, especially if Natalie or Wyatt are dead or Benton is dead or kidnapped.  However, the Silverthornes are a group who have specific motivations and numerous members. They will not be a one-dimensional group.

In addition, Part 3 will introduce us to other groups. For those who have played the militia side mission in Parts 1 or 2, you know of the New Army. At least three other groups will be introduced, each with their own goals and personalities. Allegiances will be tested in your group. Members may leave and join other groups. You may steal members of other groups. Trade, wars, and diplomacy may occur. This new avenue of gameplay will add a huge element to Safe Haven, and both leaders and non-leaders will have ways to influence the story.

You can also expect:
  • New characters.
  • New weapons, gear, consumables, and clothing/uniforms.
  • New romantic options, including new teen options.
  • Improve your vehicles with weapons and armor.
  • Build up your Safe Haven! Add new defenses, repurpose buildings, and even craft structures.
  • More chances to raise skills naturally and through training. 
  • My goal is to release Part 3 in Fall, 2021.

Vampire: the Masquerade — Out for Blood

In cooperation with White Wolf Publishing and Paradox Interactive, Vampire: The Masquerade — Out for Blood is an interactive horror novel, set in the World of Darkness, which puts you in the role of a new resident of a small town inhabited by vampires.

You’ve barely settled into your new home of Jericho Heights on the outskirts of Chicago, before discovering that vampires live in town. You’re struggling to start a new life, meet new people, and maybe even find love. But when your neighbors start disappearing, you’re forced to take action.

Take on the role of a vampire hunter to save your town from the influence of Chastain, a vampire more than a century old. When a group of young thin-blood vampires start a war with Chastain, will you choose sides, or hunt them all?

Gather your forces and sharpen your stake to take back the night!

For more information, check out the official page.

Updates planned:

  • View portraits in stat screen after you've met a character.
  • Add portrait art of additional characters.
  • New options to work in the store in the mid-game.
  • New options to pay off your store loan.
  • More interactions with your romantic interests in chapters 11 and 12.
  • Expanded paths for the final battle scene.
  • Expanding True Faith.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Part 4 Mission Walkthrough – Searching for Food in the Old Pine Woods with Heather

This mission is especially useful for players in a romantic relationship with Heather, as it provides bonuses to the relationship score and her interactions change to reflect the relationship. With dialogue options, being playful and letting her take the lead provides increases to relationship score while answering sarcastically or being controlling decreases the score.
There is no fighting on this mission, so take whatever gear you want. The challenge of this mission is more moral based than survival based.
In the first part of this mission, you and Heather find the slain bodies of River and Starr if they were not allowed to join the Cathedral. This shows at least one effect of an earlier choice – you can assume that rejecting the couple’s request to join your group contributed to their deaths. Next, you are presented several options for dealing with the bodies of the fallen hippies.
  • We should move on – this raises relationship with Heather
  • We should examine them – a neutral option
  • We should bury them – increases humanity, and if you are a minister, this option allows you to give the couple Last Rites, which has no effect other than roleplaying experience
The next segment is a conversation with Heather in which you can increase your relationship score or lower it if you piss her off with certain questions. During this conversation, you have the option to discuss Carl leaving the Cathedral. If you did not help Carl escape, Heather lets you know that she did. Your reaction to this affects your relationship score with her. If you helped Carl escape, you have the option to tell her about it, which raises your relationship with her.
This conversation is another opportunity to discuss your relationship and either improve it or end it.
After the conversation, your journey takes you to a semi-hidden camp, and though it is vacant, signs point to at least an adult and child living there recently. This scenario is more about moral decisions than picking the correct choices. Stealing the supplies in the camp lowers humanity, while also raising your relationship score with Heather. The reverse is also true. If you take the camp’s supplies, you will also find a diary; a new option will be available during next week’s options to read the diary and learn more about the camp’s occupants.
After moving out of the camp, you are met by a German Shepard which attempts to follow you. Allowing the dog, Toby, adds a valuable companion to the group. Toby may even aid you in the bandit fight at the end of Part IV.

Part 4 Mission Walkthrough – Scouting the Bandit Camp

This is a solo mission that leads to several major rewards, namely gaining two new members of the Cathedral, if you so choose. This mission also uncovers some of the mystery of Colin who you spoke with in Part III during the trip to the supply depot.
First, you must choose supplies. Here are recommendations:
  • MP5 or AK-47 for high dexterity characters, Cavalry sword, fireaxe, or spiked baseball bat for high strength characters
  • Night vision goggles
  • Multi-tool
  • Fifty feet of rope
All other items are not needed, though any weapon has some usefulness.
After traveling through the rain in the woods, you come across a huge rock that can provide shelter for a short rest. If you fail to do so, you will take a penalty to your stats, so it is best to stop here. Use your night-vision goggles to view the area. This reveals a large footprint of the enormous zombie nearby, who is not an easy kill. However, there are a few easy ways to avoid your own death.
  1. If you have a Will score of 25 or greater OR dexterity or strength of 30 or greater, simply choose to Circle the rock to move out of sight.
  2. If you have zombie ward in your possession, use it.
  3. Otherwise, choose Run Away, then Head into the thick forest to your right.
If you want to kill the zombie, you need a 15 or higher dexterity and an AK-47. Other options work but require a higher dexterity.
Next you reach the camp, there are three main areas to search: North, South, Middle. Choose the north side. Here you find a trailer with a man in a wheelchair inside. You will find out that he is Colin who you spoke to on the phone in the supply depot in Part III. Go inside the trailer to obtain the keys, which will come in handy later. When finished, Search the central area.
Three structures exist in the central part of the camp: a pool, recreation room, and art pavilion. Choose Art Room first. Using your night-vision goggles here is very useful as it will allow you to see but also not draw attention as much as the beam of a flashlight will. If your intelligence is high, you can disable a camera that monitors the area. Look around the pavilion for another entrance. This takes you to the back windows where you look through and find three prisoners chained to a wall. In time, a young woman delivers them food. After she leaves, you can break into the room by using the keys you found in the main office. If you did not spot the camera earlier, unfortunately you cannot save the prisoners. This is one time when higher intelligence prevails.
If you did disable the camera, you can free the prisoners. The Asian woman and black man will gladly leave and meet you outside the camp after you are done exploring. They make excellent members of the Cathedral.
Finding the keys and freeing the prisoners is all that is necessary in the camp, though the recreation room is also a useful place to explore. Without spoiling Part V, visiting the rec room has advantages for the future.
So, Check the recreation room. You notice a guard circling a well-kept home in the middle of the camp. If you Investigate further and then Go inside, you enter a nicely furnished home where you meet Colin’s daughter, Hadley. Talk to the girl to find out key details about the camp. After giving her a real or fake name (it doesn’t matter), she asks what you are doing in her home. Answer I work for your dad to progress the conversation. You can ask a series of questions to learn more about the camp, Colin, the prisoners, and other details. Eventually, the guard from outside interrupts. Hide in the corner. Hadley will talk to the guard, and when he leaves, you can end your conversation with Hadley.
The trip home is uneventful, though you first rendezvous with Kelly and Crone, the prisoners, outside in the woods. Back at the Cathedral, you will have a meeting with Mindy where she wants a report on the camp. Giving her full details raises your humanity, while sharing partial info can lower it.

Part 4 Mission Walkthrough – Returning to Temperance

This mission is available if Devlin is still alive. If you killed him back in your first trip to Temperance in Part III, this mission will be greyed out. Successfully completing this mission provides numerous rewards upon completion, so it is best to do it early in Part IV.
The first set of choices is to select gear for the trip. Make sure you take a ranged weapon and fifty feet of rope.
Next, you can choose a vehicle for the trip. If a military jeep is available, take it; otherwise, select the pick-up truck.
The next section allows you to ask Mindy questions, which can improve your relationship with her. If you are in a relationship with her, some options allow you to build on future romantic options.
What follows the conversation is a bandit attack – two well-armed marauder vehicles try to run you off the road. You will have to deal with a four-wheeled buggy first, then a monster truck named Minotaur.
If you have the military jeep, simply Shoot at them while Mindy drives. If not, Tell Mindy to ram them with your pick-up truck. Either way, the buggy will be dealt with, but the monster truck will remain in pursuit. Shooting at the Minotaur or trying to outrun or outmaneuver it will be unsuccessful. You must Leap onto the hood of the monster truck and disable the driver. Depending on your stats, this scene will leave you banged up with a minor hit to your health. In some instances, the driver of the Minotaur will be alive on the road outside the vehicle. You can elect to leave him there or kill him, which lowers your humanity, or take him with you, which raises your humanity.
Finally, you arrive in Temperance and find the streets devoid of any life until you near Eugene’s pharmacy and spot an enormous zombie horde. Trying to shoot at them is worthless as they are too numerous. Running back to the pick-up truck will work if your dexterity is high enough, but doing so will cause you to miss some content, as your illness causes you to pass out before you reach the vehicle. The best option is to Climb up to the open, second-story window. If you took the rope as suggested, Use your grappling hook and rope to climb the wall. Doing so leads to a small, safe room which provides a moment’s rest. If you are in a romantic relationship with Mindy, choose Make love to Mindy for a humorous, very non-intimate reaction.
After spending some time in the room or choosing to rest, you fall asleep and are awakened by the sound of cannon fire. Eugene and Devlin have found you and are using the cannon’s noise to attract the zombies away from your temporary safehouse. They pick you up in an armored car and lead you out of the city. You are then provided a list of questions to ask the pair, which bridges their story from your last visit in Temperance until now.
Once you are finished your conversation with Eugene and Devlin, Mindy invites them to join the group at the Cathedral. Your choice here provides an immediate increase or decrease to your relationship with Mindy, but your decision affects other relationships later on. If you agree with her now, your relationship increases with Mindy, Eugene, and Devlin. If you disagree, your relationship goes down with Mindy.
Back at the Cathedral, you will be met with a similar choice as the impact of Mindy’s decision to invite Eugene and Devlin is argued. Consult this table to determine the best choices to raise the relationship scores you want to.

Choice at the Cathedral
Raises Relationships with
Lowers Relationships with
Defend Mindy’s decision to invite Eugene and Devlin into the groupMindy, Eugene, Devlin, Candace, River, StarrEmma, Uncle Lou, Heather
Voice your earlier concerns over having them joinEmma, Uncle Lou, HeatherMindy, Eugene, Devlin, Candace, River, Starr
Keep out of the arguingNo oneNo one
Eventually, Tom steps in, and Eugene and Devlin are accepted into the Cathedral.

Zombie Exodus Part 4 Walkthrough

This walkthrough provides details on each phase of Part IV: Survival and contains many spoilers. You may wish to play through it first before using this walkthrough.

Each chapter is described with the best options to reach goals to increase your chance at survival, improve your character, and find other survivors.

Chapter 1, Introduction

Part IV opens with two strangers requesting admittance to the Cathedral. Dealing with them uncovers their backstory, and you do have a chance to kill them both if you wish to lower your humanity. If you let them live, which is recommended, the story eventually proceeds to a vote among your survivor group to let River and Starr join or not.
Choose Persuade the group to accept the strangers into the Cathedral. These two new survivors add several benefits to the group:
  1. When speaking with them in the next chapter, you can gain “zombie ward” which will help bypass a potentially dangerous zombie encounter in the Bandit Camp Scouting mission.
  2. An extra mission is available later in the game to escort River and Starr to get supplies they hid before joining your group. These supplies will add to the Cathedral’s resources, helping you to stay nourished.

Chapter 2, The Next Morning

This chapter does not have any zombies! No zombies, you say? It’s called Zombie Exodus; there should be zombies! Well, this is a character-building chapter, not just for the main character (MC) but for all other survivors (non-player characters or NPCs). There is no right or wrong way to play this chapter; rather, it is an opportunity to learn about other survivors, alter your relationship scores with them, and at most affect whether Jason lives or dies.
On that subject, the only way Jason lives is if you Follow Carl and Jason to the Sanctuary or Help Uncle Lou clean up after the initial meeting. In either choice, you can watch the fight between Carl and Jason.
Leading up to the fight, if your intelligence is 20 or higher, you will be given an option to Move closer in case you need to intervene. Choose that option and Restrain Carl before he inflicts more damage to save Jason from death. This latter option also works if your strength is 20 or greater and dexterity is 25 or greater. Saving Jason provides an extra survivor for the pivotal last scene of Part IV where more survivors means better chances at defending the Cathedral from a joint raider-zombie attack.
Aside from this fight, you are also given opportunities to speak with other survivors. Meetings allow you to learn more about them and offer chances to raise relationship scores.
If you chose to accept River and Starr into the Cathedral in the last chapter, you can also talk to them for a valuable item. Select Their lives before the outbreak to discuss an item called zombie ward, which River purports will make you invisible to zombies for a short time. Choose Ask for a sample of zombie ward to receive the item.
If you wish to pursue a relationship with Tom, the option presents itself at the end of the chapter if you are not romantically involved with Heather or Mindy and your relationship score with him is high (60 or greater).

Weekly Missions

Part IV has mission-hub scenes, which are broken up by weeks (9-12 in the chronology of the story). Each scene gives multiple options for available missions, improvements, or interactions. The following table breaks down the types:
Missions – can perform one mission a week, which advances the story to the next week
Scouting the area around the semi-abandoned camp sitePossibility to add two new survivors: Crone and Kelly. Learn more about Colin and his bandits.
Escorting Starr and River to retrieve their gearChance to add food to Cathedral.
Searching for food in the Old Pine Woods with HeatherChance to add food to Cathedral. Find Toby, the dog.
Returning to Temperance with Mindy for medicineAdds Devlin and Eugene, which improves Cathedral Offense, food and medicine.
Talk to Emma about her secretUncover the mystery of Cassie, with the choice to rid Emma of her influence or have Cassie remain. Find the pistol crossbow, a powerful, silent, ranged weapon.
Improvements – can do up to two improvements per week. Best to do at least one, then a mission.
Improving the Cathedral’s offensive and defensive capabilitiesAdds Cathedral Offense and Defense based on technical skill.
Training the survivors in weapon use and Cathedral offensive strategiesImprove Cathedral Offense based on dexterity.
Improving one of your own skillsImprove strength, dexterity, technical, or intelligence if below 20.
Scavenging for foodAppears in Week 11. Adds 4 days of food.
Socializing with the survivors to build moraleAppears in Week 11. Improves relationship with all survivors based on charisma.
Interactions – can do as many interactions as you want each week.
Paying a visit to DevlinChance to improve relationship with Devlin. If you are building a romance with him, this scene allows you to advance it.
Paying a visit to KellyChance to improve relationship with Kelly.
Paying a visit to CroneChance to improve relationship with Crone.
Read the diary you found in the camp while looking for food with HeatherNo effect on the game. Simply a short story within the game.
There is no right or wrong way to play these weekly scenes, and you will want to do multiple playthroughs to experience all of the content. However, if you want to save the most people in the epic battle at the end of Part 4 and not risk vital survivors, there is a recommended path, described below. In addition, it is best to do one improvement in a week and follow it with a mission. Do as many interactions as you wish.
Recommended Order of Improvements.
  1. Improve technical.
  2. Improve dexterity.
  3. Improve intelligence.
  4. Improve strength.
  5. Improve the Cathedral’s Offensive and Defensive capabilities.
  6. Train the survivors in weapon use.
  7. Scavenge for food
  8. Socialize with the survivors to build morale.
Remember to only do one improvement per week, unless no missions are available.
Recommended Order of Missions
  1. Returning to Temperance with Mindy for Medicine
  2. Scouting the Area around the Semi-abandoned Camp Site
  3. Searching for Food in the Old Pine Woods with Heather
  4. Escorting Starr and River to Retrieve their Gear
  5. Talk to Emma about her Secret
This page will be updated as mission walkthroughs are made available.

Zombie Exodus Part 3: Fuel Mission Walkthrough

The hardest mission so far in the game is finally here! Playing as a soldier makes this mission easier, but this walkthrough shows the steps for a scientist or other “civilian” player. The mission is timed, so you must play aggressively and not waste time.

At the start of the chapter, you are provided several screens describing the reason for the mission and some tips for how to equip yourself. This leads you to the supply room where you choose equipment and weapons for the mission. The choices should be obvious but here is the list for success:

  • MP5 submachine gun
  • Night vision goggles
  • Combat knife
  • Cavalry sword

The last item is interchangeable with any other weapon, as you are allowed to go over weight limit for the last picked item. Don’t worry about taking a flashlight as Carl will give you one in the next section as you travel by boat to the first vessel.

Inside the vessel, your first stop is the below-deck control room. It is best to use night vision goggles here. We’ll use our NVGs sparingly in the early part of the mission, but for now, it’s best to wear them as it frees up your hands.

Inside the room, you do not need to “Check the intercom.” Doing so now will not have any impact but is simply there to foreshadow a conversation you will have later, You do want to “Search the room thoroughly” to make the conversation with the lone survivor aboard go smoother (work on him later). When you search the room, you will find a plastic-covered manual and a business card for Richard Laurent. Take them using the option – “Take the manual and business card.”

From this point, it is easier as a scientist or civilian to go to the nearby boiler room, as several simply paths will help you get by your first encounter with a pair of zombies. Choose, “Go through the narrow passage.” Once inside, “Investigate the boiler room.” Two zombie workers enter: a rugged cowboy and taller soot-covered zombie. Fighting them head on is not possible, so you want to “Hide from the pair and wait for an opportunity to head to the control room.” Your first inclination now is to wait for them to pass you, then sneak out through the entrance. But it is best to deal with them now, or they will show up later in the mission at an extremely inopportune moment.

As you maneuver through the narrow confines of the boiler room, you spot the cowboy and are presented choices to deal with him. Select “Climb the ladder.” You head up to a metal catwalk, which is out of reach of the zombies, and they are unable to climb up. From here, you can easily dispatch them, so your best choice is to “Shoot the zombies.”

Now that the two zombies are dealt with, you head back to the control room and are presented with an option to use your flashlight or night vision goggles. For now, save your NVG’s battery life and use the flashlight. You are guided through the control room up a set of stairs and into the ship’s galley. Again you are asked if you want to use NVGs. Select “No.”

The ship’s galley presents no danger but has several objects useful later in the mission. The area is filled with refuse and garbage, but you’ll need to search through the filth. For now, “Search behind the counter,” which will allow you to discover there is still water running from the sink. Next, “Search through the garbage.” Using a basin filled with sink water, you clear away flies and garbage from the pile at the end of the kitchen and find the remains of a human skeleton. In the remains, you find an ID card, used later to access an engineer’s closet. Having what you need, you can “Leave through the north door.”

Once again, choose “No” to using NVGs.

In the hallway past the galley, you find a shriveled portion of a finger and collect it to study for your research on the zombie cure. Also, hanging in the middle of the hallway is a thick hanging mass of ooze. As a scientist, the best option is to “Inspect the mass on the ceiling” but as any other profession, just pass by the ooze.

At the end of the hall are three doors. The quickest way is to head through the eastern door and continue with the mission. However, it is not a huge waste of time in this timed mission to “Open the southern door, labeled “Utility Closet.” Using the ID card from the galley, you gain entrance to the closet and find a fire axe, a unique weapon useful for the rest of the game.

If you wish to search the northern door, you can do so, but checking the entire office will take a lot of time. You can always replay this mission to read the story of Matthews, a crew member. His journal describes much of the backstory of the fuel vessels, how the crew was affected by the zombie virus, and the fate of Matthews’ family.

Past the hallway, you enter an odd corridor with series of dividers cutting its length with keypad-locked doors leading to crew cabins. Heading into one room, you learn it is the cabin of Ramirez, a female crew member who now wanders the corridor.

Handling this scene as a scientist can be difficult but the key is to lure Ramirez into the room and trap here. If you had not dealt with the two zombies in the boiler room, this scene would likely end in death, but since they are both truly not (and not the living) dead, this scene won’t be too hard.

First, “Close the door,” then “Open the door and trap her inside this room.” The scene is quite comical as you set up a trap to knock her off balance, then run outside and close the door. Unable to enter the numbers in the keypad, Ramirez remains inside.

Finally, you make it back outside and must cross the deck of the first vessel. The least problematic path is to “Follow the path of the zombie engineer around the steel container.” Heading to the helipad is just a time-wasting event.

You head over a metal walkway around the periphery of the ship and spot a strange, moving gloved hand jutting up through a grate. This scene is not dangerous, but you will suffer a humanity hit if you “Step past the hand.” Either other option will allow you to move on.

You have gotten to the bridge, which connects the two fuel vessels, and is possibly the most difficult obstacle to pass. Zombies roam the bridge, and once you step onto the bridge, more zombies show up. One wrong move leads to death. The first choice to succeed here is to “Check the intercom.” This leads you through a conversation with Richard Laurent, the lone survivor aboard. He is arrogant and sarcastic, but getting his help will make this scene much easier. Though there are few completely wrong ways to answer, here is a path to gain his favor.

  1. “Hello.”
  2. “I am looking for survivors.”
  3. “Are you Richard Laurent?”
  4. Tell him your real name
  5. “Yes”
  6. Offer food and water

After the conversation, you still need to cross the bridge. Select “Cross the bridge, dealing with the zombies when necessary.” More zombies appear to make life difficult for you, and while your inclination may be to fight them, you must “Cross the bridge.” As you move along the metal walk, Richard helps you in dealing with the zombies, and you make it past the metal claw blocking the end of the bridge.

Here you meet Richard Laurent, who will be willing to help you acquire fuel, as long as you stick to your original offer. Choosing to threaten or kill him will not end the mission, but having continued help makes things easier. Select “Trade the items you offered to Richard.” You will be able to ask him a couple of questions, but the most important piece of information is to take the right-side path in the deck below.

After some final instructions, you descend the ladder to the fuel pump area. Use your NVGs here as you will be fighting a zombie, and it is easier hands free. At the bottom of the ladder is a narrow hallway with paths going in opposite directions. Take the right path. In the next room at the end of the hall, you enter the pumping control room and find a zombie. If you had explored the office back on the first fuel vessel, you will realize this is zombiefied Matthews. You are given choices to kill him or stay quiet in the dark room with the hopes he will wander away. Choose to stay quiet and still, and he will wander away.

This is the last choice, and several screens provide resolution for the scene.


  1. Take an MP5 and night vision goggles.
  2. Use night vision goggles sparingly in the beginning.
  3. Search the room thoroughly
  4. Take the manual and business card
  5. Go through the narrow passage
  6. Investigate the boiler room.
  7. Hide from the pair and wait for an opportunity to head to the control room
  8. Head to the back of the boiler room
  9. Climb the ladder
  10. Shoot the zombies
  11. Flashlight
  12. No (to using NVGs)
  13. Search behind the counter
  14. Leave through the north door
  15. No (to using NVGs)
  16. Inspect the mass on the ceiling
  17. Open the southern door, labeled “Utility Closet
  18. Head through the eastern door labeled CREW
  19. No (to using NVGs)
  20. Close the door
  21. Open the door and trap her inside this room
  22. Follow the path of the zombie engineer around the steel container
  23. Step past the hand (for a humanity loss), or any other choice
  24. Check the intercom
  25. “Hello.”
  26. “I am looking for survivors.”
  27. “Are you Richard Laurent?”
  28. Tell him your real name
  29. “Yes”
  30. Offer food and water
  31. Cross the bridge, dealing with the zombies when necessary
  32. Cross the bridge
  33. Trade the items you offered to Richard
  34. How many zombies are below?
  35. Yes
  36. Right
  37. Stand still and stay quiet
  38. Stay quiet and move away from the zombie

Zombie Exodus Part III: Supply Depot Walkthrough

The start of the mission presents you with supply selection. Overall, this is not a dangerous mission, so selecting items is largely preference. The only recommended item is night vision goggles, as it allows you to see in the dark in the first unlit area.

Many choices in this mission are only provided to divulge different sets of clues leading to the overall mystery of the depot. This adds to the replayability of the mission.

Most of the conversation choices leading up to the Depot have no impact on success or failure in the mission but affect relationship scores. At the depot, the first choice is to get past the door, and most opportunities here are merely to add some variety to gameplay. Select “Let Javier try to open the door while you stand watch.”

Whether or not you block the door only adds some depth to future events we will skip in this walkthrough, so for now, choose either option.

After entering the depot, Javier rushes down the hall to open a door. Allowing him to open it or not has no direct impact, though it does reflect your relationship to him. There is no need to search the other room upstairs (the computer room) as it only is provided as a red herring. If you do choose to enter and use the computer, type “list” to see the possible commands.
  • lights: turns on lights downstairs which makes it easier to progress through that area and also helps to avoid the zombies. If you took night vision goggles, turning lights on is not necessary.
  • central: can be used to trigger the event with Colin, leader of a military group. The event is triggered in numerous ways, so doing so now is not necessary.
  • shutdown: releases poisonous gas which kills you if you do not wear the gasmask found in the stairwell
Downstairs Storage Area

In the storage area, the best route to take to trigger the Colin event is to do the following:
  1. Check the control panel
  2. Press the button marked command
  3. Leave the control panel
  4. Head back upstairs
During the Colin event, it is best not to provide him with your real name or location. However if you wish to fight the military team he sends, it is a fun event which offers opportunities to set traps and outwit the enemy group.

For now, this walkthrough will continue with the assumption you chose to give a fake location. Continue the conversation in whichever way you wish, since the various options simply offer different pieces of information but have no impact on success or failure.

The event ends when the female captive breaks up the conversation you are having with Colin. She provides you with the password for the garage area. If you are a scientist, you should kill the zombies now, as you will gain valuable research specimens. Otherwise, killing them is not necessary.

Next, “Enter the code in the control panel”. After that choice, you are taken through a series of screens that describes the garage area and leads to two choices: investigating a moaning noise or inspect the odd wall leading out of the garage. The first option allows you to find Javier, which leads to discovering he is infected with the Zeta virus. This part of the Supply Depot chapter is mainly provided for entertainment and Javier’s character development. If you bypass this encounter, you may suffer hits to your relationship scores with other survivors who feel you abandoned Javier.

If you choose to inspect the wall, your next major choice is in selecting a vehicle. The truck carries the most cargo, so if the Cathedral is low on food, take the truck. Taking the jeep provides some opportunity for utility in future missions in Part 4. The motorcycle is a vanity choice only.

Back at the depot, if you did not find Javier, you are questioned on his whereabouts. Selecting either of the first two options provides no loss of humanity or relationship score with other survivors.

The next chapter is a resolution of the depot mission, and if you followed this walkthrough, you will only have a short debriefing with Tom to go over the events of the mission. Next you have a short scene with Emma where you discuss the upcoming Zombie Exodus and a glimpse into her current psyche. You learn a bit more about the mysterious girl in the park in Part 1.

Zombie Exodus Part III: Medicine Run Walkthrough

Prior to starting the mission, you must select weapons and equipment to take. With only a strength of 10, you need to consider weight carefully since you can only carry a max of 25. The trick is to take items useful in a later section, trading with Eugene. Here are the recommended items to take:

  • MP5: same value to Eugene as AK-47, rifle, and shotgun but less weight. However you won’t need to trade this if you take the rest of the items listed below.
  • Fifty feet of rope: almost as valuable to Eugene as the MP5 but only 3 pounds. Also, it has little use in the rest of the mission, so losing it has little impact.
  • Night vision goggles: one of the most valuable items to Eugene, low weight of 5, and has no use in the rest of the mission.At this stage you will be at 23 pounds. Most items will put you over 25.
  • Cavalry sword: another highly valuable weapon and only 5 pounds.

Bakery Truck

The first major encounter in Temperance is when you come upon a bakery truck with two zombies dressed in cheerleader outfits roaming about outside. What you will discover is that an unknown group has prepared an ambush. Fighting them will most likely lead to death with a Scientist’s low dexterity and strength, so you must avoid the confrontation. Here are the steps:

  1. Move quietly toward Mindy
  2. Move to Mindy
  3. Flee the area
  4. While it is not the most glamorous set of choices, it allows you to live and bypass the fight with the enemy group.

Next you are presented with a conversation with Mindy. Asking her about life before the outbreak does provide increases in relationship, so if you want a higher value, click through all options. Higher relationship with Mindy also leads to an opportunity for romance later.

Xavier Pharmacy

Getting into the pharmacy can be done through several means, but here is the path with the fewest choices:

  1. Break into the back door
  2. Investigate the door thoroughly before making a decision
  3. We are here for medicine. Do you have any to spare?
  4. Yes, we have things to trade.

Now, you are inside and find a surprise from your path – Devlin. As a scientist, an important opportunity exists here – to take a sample of Devlin’s blood for your research into the cure. Therefore, when presented with the following three options.

  1. We need medicine. Are you willing to trade with us?
  2. How did you meet Devlin?
  3. Supplies run out. What are your plans for the future?
  4. Choose, “How did you meet Devlin.” While the first option leads to trading with Eugene and is an acceptable choice, it is too soon to select it.

The next option to select is “I get the impression you don’t want Devlin here. Is that true?” This leads to an angry confrontation with Devlin, but the next choice “Discuss this more before making a decision” leads to the sample.

Next, you will trade with Eugene for medicine. It is possible to kill Devlin and Eugene and take the medicine, but this will destroy future opportunities to use the pharmacy and to deal with Eugene in future parts. Here is what you can trade for the medicine:

  • Night-vision goggles
  • Fifty feet of rope
  • Cavalry sword

You will not need these items going forward, and the Cathedral supply room replenishes with each chapter, so losing these items to Eugene has no negative impact on the game.

The next section of this chapter is not necessary for success. Playing through it provides extra opportunities for building relationship with Mindy but can be bypassed with no impact.

If you still wish to play and obtain the medicine, here are the steps in order for the shortest path:

  1. Continue down the corridor
  2. Do nothing and let her stop when she is ready
  3. Search the room
  4. Keep trying the safe