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Zombie Exodus Part III: Medicine Run Walkthrough

Prior to starting the mission, you must select weapons and equipment to take. With only a strength of 10, you need to consider weight carefully since you can only carry a max of 25. The trick is to take items useful in a later section, trading with Eugene. Here are the recommended items to take:

  • MP5: same value to Eugene as AK-47, rifle, and shotgun but less weight. However you won’t need to trade this if you take the rest of the items listed below.
  • Fifty feet of rope: almost as valuable to Eugene as the MP5 but only 3 pounds. Also, it has little use in the rest of the mission, so losing it has little impact.
  • Night vision goggles: one of the most valuable items to Eugene, low weight of 5, and has no use in the rest of the mission.At this stage you will be at 23 pounds. Most items will put you over 25.
  • Cavalry sword: another highly valuable weapon and only 5 pounds.

Bakery Truck

The first major encounter in Temperance is when you come upon a bakery truck with two zombies dressed in cheerleader outfits roaming about outside. What you will discover is that an unknown group has prepared an ambush. Fighting them will most likely lead to death with a Scientist’s low dexterity and strength, so you must avoid the confrontation. Here are the steps:

  1. Move quietly toward Mindy
  2. Move to Mindy
  3. Flee the area
  4. While it is not the most glamorous set of choices, it allows you to live and bypass the fight with the enemy group.

Next you are presented with a conversation with Mindy. Asking her about life before the outbreak does provide increases in relationship, so if you want a higher value, click through all options. Higher relationship with Mindy also leads to an opportunity for romance later.

Xavier Pharmacy

Getting into the pharmacy can be done through several means, but here is the path with the fewest choices:

  1. Break into the back door
  2. Investigate the door thoroughly before making a decision
  3. We are here for medicine. Do you have any to spare?
  4. Yes, we have things to trade.

Now, you are inside and find a surprise from your path – Devlin. As a scientist, an important opportunity exists here – to take a sample of Devlin’s blood for your research into the cure. Therefore, when presented with the following three options.

  1. We need medicine. Are you willing to trade with us?
  2. How did you meet Devlin?
  3. Supplies run out. What are your plans for the future?
  4. Choose, “How did you meet Devlin.” While the first option leads to trading with Eugene and is an acceptable choice, it is too soon to select it.

The next option to select is “I get the impression you don’t want Devlin here. Is that true?” This leads to an angry confrontation with Devlin, but the next choice “Discuss this more before making a decision” leads to the sample.

Next, you will trade with Eugene for medicine. It is possible to kill Devlin and Eugene and take the medicine, but this will destroy future opportunities to use the pharmacy and to deal with Eugene in future parts. Here is what you can trade for the medicine:

  • Night-vision goggles
  • Fifty feet of rope
  • Cavalry sword

You will not need these items going forward, and the Cathedral supply room replenishes with each chapter, so losing these items to Eugene has no negative impact on the game.

The next section of this chapter is not necessary for success. Playing through it provides extra opportunities for building relationship with Mindy but can be bypassed with no impact.

If you still wish to play and obtain the medicine, here are the steps in order for the shortest path:

  1. Continue down the corridor
  2. Do nothing and let her stop when she is ready
  3. Search the room
  4. Keep trying the safe

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