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Zombie Exodus Part 3: Fuel Mission Walkthrough

The hardest mission so far in the game is finally here! Playing as a soldier makes this mission easier, but this walkthrough shows the steps for a scientist or other “civilian” player. The mission is timed, so you must play aggressively and not waste time.

At the start of the chapter, you are provided several screens describing the reason for the mission and some tips for how to equip yourself. This leads you to the supply room where you choose equipment and weapons for the mission. The choices should be obvious but here is the list for success:

  • MP5 submachine gun
  • Night vision goggles
  • Combat knife
  • Cavalry sword

The last item is interchangeable with any other weapon, as you are allowed to go over weight limit for the last picked item. Don’t worry about taking a flashlight as Carl will give you one in the next section as you travel by boat to the first vessel.

Inside the vessel, your first stop is the below-deck control room. It is best to use night vision goggles here. We’ll use our NVGs sparingly in the early part of the mission, but for now, it’s best to wear them as it frees up your hands.

Inside the room, you do not need to “Check the intercom.” Doing so now will not have any impact but is simply there to foreshadow a conversation you will have later, You do want to “Search the room thoroughly” to make the conversation with the lone survivor aboard go smoother (work on him later). When you search the room, you will find a plastic-covered manual and a business card for Richard Laurent. Take them using the option – “Take the manual and business card.”

From this point, it is easier as a scientist or civilian to go to the nearby boiler room, as several simply paths will help you get by your first encounter with a pair of zombies. Choose, “Go through the narrow passage.” Once inside, “Investigate the boiler room.” Two zombie workers enter: a rugged cowboy and taller soot-covered zombie. Fighting them head on is not possible, so you want to “Hide from the pair and wait for an opportunity to head to the control room.” Your first inclination now is to wait for them to pass you, then sneak out through the entrance. But it is best to deal with them now, or they will show up later in the mission at an extremely inopportune moment.

As you maneuver through the narrow confines of the boiler room, you spot the cowboy and are presented choices to deal with him. Select “Climb the ladder.” You head up to a metal catwalk, which is out of reach of the zombies, and they are unable to climb up. From here, you can easily dispatch them, so your best choice is to “Shoot the zombies.”

Now that the two zombies are dealt with, you head back to the control room and are presented with an option to use your flashlight or night vision goggles. For now, save your NVG’s battery life and use the flashlight. You are guided through the control room up a set of stairs and into the ship’s galley. Again you are asked if you want to use NVGs. Select “No.”

The ship’s galley presents no danger but has several objects useful later in the mission. The area is filled with refuse and garbage, but you’ll need to search through the filth. For now, “Search behind the counter,” which will allow you to discover there is still water running from the sink. Next, “Search through the garbage.” Using a basin filled with sink water, you clear away flies and garbage from the pile at the end of the kitchen and find the remains of a human skeleton. In the remains, you find an ID card, used later to access an engineer’s closet. Having what you need, you can “Leave through the north door.”

Once again, choose “No” to using NVGs.

In the hallway past the galley, you find a shriveled portion of a finger and collect it to study for your research on the zombie cure. Also, hanging in the middle of the hallway is a thick hanging mass of ooze. As a scientist, the best option is to “Inspect the mass on the ceiling” but as any other profession, just pass by the ooze.

At the end of the hall are three doors. The quickest way is to head through the eastern door and continue with the mission. However, it is not a huge waste of time in this timed mission to “Open the southern door, labeled “Utility Closet.” Using the ID card from the galley, you gain entrance to the closet and find a fire axe, a unique weapon useful for the rest of the game.

If you wish to search the northern door, you can do so, but checking the entire office will take a lot of time. You can always replay this mission to read the story of Matthews, a crew member. His journal describes much of the backstory of the fuel vessels, how the crew was affected by the zombie virus, and the fate of Matthews’ family.

Past the hallway, you enter an odd corridor with series of dividers cutting its length with keypad-locked doors leading to crew cabins. Heading into one room, you learn it is the cabin of Ramirez, a female crew member who now wanders the corridor.

Handling this scene as a scientist can be difficult but the key is to lure Ramirez into the room and trap here. If you had not dealt with the two zombies in the boiler room, this scene would likely end in death, but since they are both truly not (and not the living) dead, this scene won’t be too hard.

First, “Close the door,” then “Open the door and trap her inside this room.” The scene is quite comical as you set up a trap to knock her off balance, then run outside and close the door. Unable to enter the numbers in the keypad, Ramirez remains inside.

Finally, you make it back outside and must cross the deck of the first vessel. The least problematic path is to “Follow the path of the zombie engineer around the steel container.” Heading to the helipad is just a time-wasting event.

You head over a metal walkway around the periphery of the ship and spot a strange, moving gloved hand jutting up through a grate. This scene is not dangerous, but you will suffer a humanity hit if you “Step past the hand.” Either other option will allow you to move on.

You have gotten to the bridge, which connects the two fuel vessels, and is possibly the most difficult obstacle to pass. Zombies roam the bridge, and once you step onto the bridge, more zombies show up. One wrong move leads to death. The first choice to succeed here is to “Check the intercom.” This leads you through a conversation with Richard Laurent, the lone survivor aboard. He is arrogant and sarcastic, but getting his help will make this scene much easier. Though there are few completely wrong ways to answer, here is a path to gain his favor.

  1. “Hello.”
  2. “I am looking for survivors.”
  3. “Are you Richard Laurent?”
  4. Tell him your real name
  5. “Yes”
  6. Offer food and water

After the conversation, you still need to cross the bridge. Select “Cross the bridge, dealing with the zombies when necessary.” More zombies appear to make life difficult for you, and while your inclination may be to fight them, you must “Cross the bridge.” As you move along the metal walk, Richard helps you in dealing with the zombies, and you make it past the metal claw blocking the end of the bridge.

Here you meet Richard Laurent, who will be willing to help you acquire fuel, as long as you stick to your original offer. Choosing to threaten or kill him will not end the mission, but having continued help makes things easier. Select “Trade the items you offered to Richard.” You will be able to ask him a couple of questions, but the most important piece of information is to take the right-side path in the deck below.

After some final instructions, you descend the ladder to the fuel pump area. Use your NVGs here as you will be fighting a zombie, and it is easier hands free. At the bottom of the ladder is a narrow hallway with paths going in opposite directions. Take the right path. In the next room at the end of the hall, you enter the pumping control room and find a zombie. If you had explored the office back on the first fuel vessel, you will realize this is zombiefied Matthews. You are given choices to kill him or stay quiet in the dark room with the hopes he will wander away. Choose to stay quiet and still, and he will wander away.

This is the last choice, and several screens provide resolution for the scene.


  1. Take an MP5 and night vision goggles.
  2. Use night vision goggles sparingly in the beginning.
  3. Search the room thoroughly
  4. Take the manual and business card
  5. Go through the narrow passage
  6. Investigate the boiler room.
  7. Hide from the pair and wait for an opportunity to head to the control room
  8. Head to the back of the boiler room
  9. Climb the ladder
  10. Shoot the zombies
  11. Flashlight
  12. No (to using NVGs)
  13. Search behind the counter
  14. Leave through the north door
  15. No (to using NVGs)
  16. Inspect the mass on the ceiling
  17. Open the southern door, labeled “Utility Closet
  18. Head through the eastern door labeled CREW
  19. No (to using NVGs)
  20. Close the door
  21. Open the door and trap her inside this room
  22. Follow the path of the zombie engineer around the steel container
  23. Step past the hand (for a humanity loss), or any other choice
  24. Check the intercom
  25. “Hello.”
  26. “I am looking for survivors.”
  27. “Are you Richard Laurent?”
  28. Tell him your real name
  29. “Yes”
  30. Offer food and water
  31. Cross the bridge, dealing with the zombies when necessary
  32. Cross the bridge
  33. Trade the items you offered to Richard
  34. How many zombies are below?
  35. Yes
  36. Right
  37. Stand still and stay quiet
  38. Stay quiet and move away from the zombie

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