Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Part 4 Mission Walkthrough – Scouting the Bandit Camp

This is a solo mission that leads to several major rewards, namely gaining two new members of the Cathedral, if you so choose. This mission also uncovers some of the mystery of Colin who you spoke with in Part III during the trip to the supply depot.
First, you must choose supplies. Here are recommendations:
  • MP5 or AK-47 for high dexterity characters, Cavalry sword, fireaxe, or spiked baseball bat for high strength characters
  • Night vision goggles
  • Multi-tool
  • Fifty feet of rope
All other items are not needed, though any weapon has some usefulness.
After traveling through the rain in the woods, you come across a huge rock that can provide shelter for a short rest. If you fail to do so, you will take a penalty to your stats, so it is best to stop here. Use your night-vision goggles to view the area. This reveals a large footprint of the enormous zombie nearby, who is not an easy kill. However, there are a few easy ways to avoid your own death.
  1. If you have a Will score of 25 or greater OR dexterity or strength of 30 or greater, simply choose to Circle the rock to move out of sight.
  2. If you have zombie ward in your possession, use it.
  3. Otherwise, choose Run Away, then Head into the thick forest to your right.
If you want to kill the zombie, you need a 15 or higher dexterity and an AK-47. Other options work but require a higher dexterity.
Next you reach the camp, there are three main areas to search: North, South, Middle. Choose the north side. Here you find a trailer with a man in a wheelchair inside. You will find out that he is Colin who you spoke to on the phone in the supply depot in Part III. Go inside the trailer to obtain the keys, which will come in handy later. When finished, Search the central area.
Three structures exist in the central part of the camp: a pool, recreation room, and art pavilion. Choose Art Room first. Using your night-vision goggles here is very useful as it will allow you to see but also not draw attention as much as the beam of a flashlight will. If your intelligence is high, you can disable a camera that monitors the area. Look around the pavilion for another entrance. This takes you to the back windows where you look through and find three prisoners chained to a wall. In time, a young woman delivers them food. After she leaves, you can break into the room by using the keys you found in the main office. If you did not spot the camera earlier, unfortunately you cannot save the prisoners. This is one time when higher intelligence prevails.
If you did disable the camera, you can free the prisoners. The Asian woman and black man will gladly leave and meet you outside the camp after you are done exploring. They make excellent members of the Cathedral.
Finding the keys and freeing the prisoners is all that is necessary in the camp, though the recreation room is also a useful place to explore. Without spoiling Part V, visiting the rec room has advantages for the future.
So, Check the recreation room. You notice a guard circling a well-kept home in the middle of the camp. If you Investigate further and then Go inside, you enter a nicely furnished home where you meet Colin’s daughter, Hadley. Talk to the girl to find out key details about the camp. After giving her a real or fake name (it doesn’t matter), she asks what you are doing in her home. Answer I work for your dad to progress the conversation. You can ask a series of questions to learn more about the camp, Colin, the prisoners, and other details. Eventually, the guard from outside interrupts. Hide in the corner. Hadley will talk to the guard, and when he leaves, you can end your conversation with Hadley.
The trip home is uneventful, though you first rendezvous with Kelly and Crone, the prisoners, outside in the woods. Back at the Cathedral, you will have a meeting with Mindy where she wants a report on the camp. Giving her full details raises your humanity, while sharing partial info can lower it.


  1. Is there a direct link to all walkthroughs for each of the five parts? Having trouble locating any besides part 4

  2. You can also kill the giant zombie if hit his legs with melee weapons


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