Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Part 4 Mission Walkthrough – Returning to Temperance

This mission is available if Devlin is still alive. If you killed him back in your first trip to Temperance in Part III, this mission will be greyed out. Successfully completing this mission provides numerous rewards upon completion, so it is best to do it early in Part IV.
The first set of choices is to select gear for the trip. Make sure you take a ranged weapon and fifty feet of rope.
Next, you can choose a vehicle for the trip. If a military jeep is available, take it; otherwise, select the pick-up truck.
The next section allows you to ask Mindy questions, which can improve your relationship with her. If you are in a relationship with her, some options allow you to build on future romantic options.
What follows the conversation is a bandit attack – two well-armed marauder vehicles try to run you off the road. You will have to deal with a four-wheeled buggy first, then a monster truck named Minotaur.
If you have the military jeep, simply Shoot at them while Mindy drives. If not, Tell Mindy to ram them with your pick-up truck. Either way, the buggy will be dealt with, but the monster truck will remain in pursuit. Shooting at the Minotaur or trying to outrun or outmaneuver it will be unsuccessful. You must Leap onto the hood of the monster truck and disable the driver. Depending on your stats, this scene will leave you banged up with a minor hit to your health. In some instances, the driver of the Minotaur will be alive on the road outside the vehicle. You can elect to leave him there or kill him, which lowers your humanity, or take him with you, which raises your humanity.
Finally, you arrive in Temperance and find the streets devoid of any life until you near Eugene’s pharmacy and spot an enormous zombie horde. Trying to shoot at them is worthless as they are too numerous. Running back to the pick-up truck will work if your dexterity is high enough, but doing so will cause you to miss some content, as your illness causes you to pass out before you reach the vehicle. The best option is to Climb up to the open, second-story window. If you took the rope as suggested, Use your grappling hook and rope to climb the wall. Doing so leads to a small, safe room which provides a moment’s rest. If you are in a romantic relationship with Mindy, choose Make love to Mindy for a humorous, very non-intimate reaction.
After spending some time in the room or choosing to rest, you fall asleep and are awakened by the sound of cannon fire. Eugene and Devlin have found you and are using the cannon’s noise to attract the zombies away from your temporary safehouse. They pick you up in an armored car and lead you out of the city. You are then provided a list of questions to ask the pair, which bridges their story from your last visit in Temperance until now.
Once you are finished your conversation with Eugene and Devlin, Mindy invites them to join the group at the Cathedral. Your choice here provides an immediate increase or decrease to your relationship with Mindy, but your decision affects other relationships later on. If you agree with her now, your relationship increases with Mindy, Eugene, and Devlin. If you disagree, your relationship goes down with Mindy.
Back at the Cathedral, you will be met with a similar choice as the impact of Mindy’s decision to invite Eugene and Devlin is argued. Consult this table to determine the best choices to raise the relationship scores you want to.

Choice at the Cathedral
Raises Relationships with
Lowers Relationships with
Defend Mindy’s decision to invite Eugene and Devlin into the groupMindy, Eugene, Devlin, Candace, River, StarrEmma, Uncle Lou, Heather
Voice your earlier concerns over having them joinEmma, Uncle Lou, HeatherMindy, Eugene, Devlin, Candace, River, Starr
Keep out of the arguingNo oneNo one
Eventually, Tom steps in, and Eugene and Devlin are accepted into the Cathedral.

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