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Zombie Exodus Part 4 Walkthrough

This walkthrough provides details on each phase of Part IV: Survival and contains many spoilers. You may wish to play through it first before using this walkthrough.

Each chapter is described with the best options to reach goals to increase your chance at survival, improve your character, and find other survivors.

Chapter 1, Introduction

Part IV opens with two strangers requesting admittance to the Cathedral. Dealing with them uncovers their backstory, and you do have a chance to kill them both if you wish to lower your humanity. If you let them live, which is recommended, the story eventually proceeds to a vote among your survivor group to let River and Starr join or not.
Choose Persuade the group to accept the strangers into the Cathedral. These two new survivors add several benefits to the group:
  1. When speaking with them in the next chapter, you can gain “zombie ward” which will help bypass a potentially dangerous zombie encounter in the Bandit Camp Scouting mission.
  2. An extra mission is available later in the game to escort River and Starr to get supplies they hid before joining your group. These supplies will add to the Cathedral’s resources, helping you to stay nourished.

Chapter 2, The Next Morning

This chapter does not have any zombies! No zombies, you say? It’s called Zombie Exodus; there should be zombies! Well, this is a character-building chapter, not just for the main character (MC) but for all other survivors (non-player characters or NPCs). There is no right or wrong way to play this chapter; rather, it is an opportunity to learn about other survivors, alter your relationship scores with them, and at most affect whether Jason lives or dies.
On that subject, the only way Jason lives is if you Follow Carl and Jason to the Sanctuary or Help Uncle Lou clean up after the initial meeting. In either choice, you can watch the fight between Carl and Jason.
Leading up to the fight, if your intelligence is 20 or higher, you will be given an option to Move closer in case you need to intervene. Choose that option and Restrain Carl before he inflicts more damage to save Jason from death. This latter option also works if your strength is 20 or greater and dexterity is 25 or greater. Saving Jason provides an extra survivor for the pivotal last scene of Part IV where more survivors means better chances at defending the Cathedral from a joint raider-zombie attack.
Aside from this fight, you are also given opportunities to speak with other survivors. Meetings allow you to learn more about them and offer chances to raise relationship scores.
If you chose to accept River and Starr into the Cathedral in the last chapter, you can also talk to them for a valuable item. Select Their lives before the outbreak to discuss an item called zombie ward, which River purports will make you invisible to zombies for a short time. Choose Ask for a sample of zombie ward to receive the item.
If you wish to pursue a relationship with Tom, the option presents itself at the end of the chapter if you are not romantically involved with Heather or Mindy and your relationship score with him is high (60 or greater).

Weekly Missions

Part IV has mission-hub scenes, which are broken up by weeks (9-12 in the chronology of the story). Each scene gives multiple options for available missions, improvements, or interactions. The following table breaks down the types:
Missions – can perform one mission a week, which advances the story to the next week
Scouting the area around the semi-abandoned camp sitePossibility to add two new survivors: Crone and Kelly. Learn more about Colin and his bandits.
Escorting Starr and River to retrieve their gearChance to add food to Cathedral.
Searching for food in the Old Pine Woods with HeatherChance to add food to Cathedral. Find Toby, the dog.
Returning to Temperance with Mindy for medicineAdds Devlin and Eugene, which improves Cathedral Offense, food and medicine.
Talk to Emma about her secretUncover the mystery of Cassie, with the choice to rid Emma of her influence or have Cassie remain. Find the pistol crossbow, a powerful, silent, ranged weapon.
Improvements – can do up to two improvements per week. Best to do at least one, then a mission.
Improving the Cathedral’s offensive and defensive capabilitiesAdds Cathedral Offense and Defense based on technical skill.
Training the survivors in weapon use and Cathedral offensive strategiesImprove Cathedral Offense based on dexterity.
Improving one of your own skillsImprove strength, dexterity, technical, or intelligence if below 20.
Scavenging for foodAppears in Week 11. Adds 4 days of food.
Socializing with the survivors to build moraleAppears in Week 11. Improves relationship with all survivors based on charisma.
Interactions – can do as many interactions as you want each week.
Paying a visit to DevlinChance to improve relationship with Devlin. If you are building a romance with him, this scene allows you to advance it.
Paying a visit to KellyChance to improve relationship with Kelly.
Paying a visit to CroneChance to improve relationship with Crone.
Read the diary you found in the camp while looking for food with HeatherNo effect on the game. Simply a short story within the game.
There is no right or wrong way to play these weekly scenes, and you will want to do multiple playthroughs to experience all of the content. However, if you want to save the most people in the epic battle at the end of Part 4 and not risk vital survivors, there is a recommended path, described below. In addition, it is best to do one improvement in a week and follow it with a mission. Do as many interactions as you wish.
Recommended Order of Improvements.
  1. Improve technical.
  2. Improve dexterity.
  3. Improve intelligence.
  4. Improve strength.
  5. Improve the Cathedral’s Offensive and Defensive capabilities.
  6. Train the survivors in weapon use.
  7. Scavenge for food
  8. Socialize with the survivors to build morale.
Remember to only do one improvement per week, unless no missions are available.
Recommended Order of Missions
  1. Returning to Temperance with Mindy for Medicine
  2. Scouting the Area around the Semi-abandoned Camp Site
  3. Searching for Food in the Old Pine Woods with Heather
  4. Escorting Starr and River to Retrieve their Gear
  5. Talk to Emma about her Secret
This page will be updated as mission walkthroughs are made available.

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